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I can’t get that image of him standing in front of me with those light brown teary eyes out of my mind. I guess we do hurt the people we love the most.

One day, I will be that girl you wish you dated. LIFE SUCKS. MOTHERFUCKER.

When people say, “it was a unforgettable night”… ♥

Me: Did you like lose your virginity? what was so “unforgettable”? 

Tomorrow is gonna suck and the chick, he is taking to prom is gonna mean mug me all day. and whisper something to her friend about me. and I’m probably gonna see him in the halls and not say a word. Then 5th come and he is gonna sit next to her. she gonna stare at me, while he talk to her, about god knows what. Nothing is gonna be the same…. 

i can’t believe after you cancelled on me, you show up at the theater with your fucken homies… are you fucken serious.

Bros before hoes

Bitch, I have game for days.

I cant find my acceptance letter from Central. FML! what is the point of living, if I don’t have it.

Oh God, I hope he says Yes, that would be so embarrassing if he didn’t.  I would probably cry and go die in a hole. His just like my crack, because I’m addicted to him.

Really? if you say you don’t care what people say about you or that your life isn’t their business. Then why do you post about how “great” your life is, no one care! So stop post on fb “I change my life from negative to a positive” every hour. Because I haven’t seen any changes.

Now I know who I can and can’t relay on.

When people “tweet tearing it up in the bathroom.”

Why can’t I get you attention anymore. Please stop ignoring me….

Omg I hope Emily chooses MICAH. his so perfect! will gets on my nerves. lol. I cant wait for the season final. >.<  

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